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Research on the Establishment of the Teaching Diagnosis Improvement System of "Five Links" Vocational Colleges——Take Securities and Futures as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.155


Huang KanMei, Shen MinQi, Guo ShuJuan

Corresponding Author

Huang KanMei


According to the state council about accelerate the development of modern vocational education decision, internal quality assurance system of higher vocational colleges diagnosis and improve the guidelines (try out) and other documents of instruction spirit, improve the quality of vocational colleges and universities personnel training, must be to establish diagnosis and improve the system of vocational colleges teaching as the breakthrough point, eventually from the school to the professional to passenger ship to teachers and students "five links" diagnosis system, take the teacher and students as the basic foothold, the major curriculum as the main gripper, with the school to build a "five links" normalized internal quality control system and systemic clinical change mechanism, clear the main body of responsibility, We will ensure the smooth operation of the system and provide a fundamental guarantee for personnel training. This paper will take the construction of the "five links" diagnosis reform system as a starting point, and take the construction of securities and futures specialty in vocational colleges as an example to reflect on the reform of teaching diagnosis in vocational colleges.


Vocational Colleges, Diagnostic Improvement, Five links, Teaching