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Study on fine anatomy method of Offshore dam sand body

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.050



Corresponding Author



The offshore bar type sedimentary environment is generally formed under the conditions of gentle slope, rich sandy sediment, and strong wave action. It is a high-energy sedimentary body under wave action. The sediment is generally uniform in particle size, excellent in separation, less in argillaceous content and good in physical properties. This kind of sand body reflects on the sedimentary facies belt map that the sand body of the sand dam is connected and developed, the horizon is connected, and the surface is very homogeneous [1]. However, through the dynamic analysis in recent years, there is uneven effect. In this paper, block A is selected as the research block. On the basis of the thin-layer sand plane sedimentary model map controlled by the lithologic thickness, the energy phase distribution map of single sand body is drawn by referring to the permeability equivalent map and logging model map. It provides a powerful technical support for the analysis of remaining oil and the adjustment of measures.


Offshore dam, Uneven effect, Internal energy phase distribution