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Design and Simulation of Intelligent Switching Circuit for Danger Alarm lamp and Steering Lamp of Vehicle Based on Multisim

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.042


Jianwei MA

Corresponding Author

Jianwei MA


In response to the interference between the danger alarm lamp and the steering lamp, intelligent switching circuit for dangerous alarm lamp and steering Lamp is designed, and the composition and principle of the circuit are analyzed. The characteristics of Multisim software are introduced. The designed circuit is simulated using Multisim software. The simulation results show that the circuit can realize the normal operation of dangerous alarm lamp and the steering Lamp separately, at the same time, when the danger alarm lamp is turned on, the steering lamp switch is turned on, and the steering information can be normally indicated, thereby the interference problem of the two is solved when they are opened at the same time. The circuit has simple structure, strong practicability, and strong application value.


Danger alarm lamp, Steering Lamp, Switching Circuit, Simulation, Multisim, Vehicle