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Research on Terminal Communication Security Access System Technology Based on Blockchain

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.039


Wu Lijie, Liu Yan, Dong Kaili, An Zhiyuan

Corresponding Author

Wu Lijie


As an important part of power communication network and the extension of backbone communication network, terminal communication access network is responsible for collecting information of terminal service application access point and sending various control interactive instructions. At present, the access network is still constructed according to the needs of different majors, emphasizing the self-use of each service, and no public communication transmission channel has been formed. There is a lack of research on the adaptability, security partition and performance requirements of the carrying services of the access network for multi-service access. Aiming at the problems existing in terminal communication access network, This paper studies the research of terminal communication security access architecture based on blockchain, designs a decentralized authentication system, and realizes the decentralized secure access mechanism of terminals, networks and services.


Blockchain, Authentication System