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Research Progress in Physiological and Ecological Characteristics of Plant Drought Resistance

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.029


Chen Yaoming

Corresponding Author

Chen Yaoming


With the gradual deterioration of China’s environment, water resources are gradually in short supply, which has a serious impact on people’s living environment. As we all know, the survival of plants is inseparable from water resources. However, the increasing number of arid areas produces a huge impact on the growth of plants. China is a large agricultural country, where there are many areas with long-term drought. In order to effectively solve the problem of plant growth in these areas, it is essential to fully study the drought resistance of plants, and analyze and discuss the plant morphology and physiological indicators. Based on the analysis of the morphological structure and photosynthesis of plants, the physiological and ecological characteristics of plant drought resistance are studied by using the current experimental methods.


Plant drought resistance, Physiological and ecological characteristics, Research progress