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Prediction of Coal Spontaneous Combustion Temperature Based on Numerical Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.028


Dayong Luo

Corresponding Author

Dayong Luo


Coal will release CO gas in the process of natural oxidation. The early prediction of coal spontaneous combustion can be realized by detecting CO gas. However, coal temperature is the key and reliable factor to determine the development degree of coal spontaneous combustion. The data of coal temperature and CO gas concentration in the process of low-temperature oxidation are obtained through experiments. Based on the principle of numerical analysis, the relationship model between temperature (independent variable) and CO gas concentration (dependent variable) is established, and the inverse function of the model is solved, so as to establish the functional relationship between CO concentration (independent variable) and coal temperature (dependent variable), and realize the prediction of coal temperature through CO concentration Purpose. The prediction accuracy can meet the engineering requirements by applying this method to an engineering example. This study provides a reliable method for the prediction of coal spontaneous combustion temperature.


Numerical analysis, Spontaneous combustion, Prediction