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Research on Intelligent Development of Vehicles Based on 5g Vehicle Networking

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.022


Cen Shaofei, Zhang Feng

Corresponding Author

Zhang Feng


In recent years, traffic safety, travel efficiency, environmental protection and other issues caused by the continuous growth of the number of cars have become increasingly prominent, and the research and development in related fields of vehicle networking have received extensive attention. In addition to the traditional functions of intelligent vehicle information exchange and sharing and environmental awareness, vehicle networking also emphasizes the functions of “intelligent decision-making” and “cooperative control and execution”. Although 4G has several times the speed and low delay of 3G, it has not yet met the requirements of vehicle networking. The 5G network being developed and becoming the focus of major companies and countries will overcome the shortcomings of 4G network. In this regard, the research on 5G network has been paid attention to at present, in order to be able to upgrade again on the basis of 4G network and meet the construction requirements of vehicle networking.


5G, Car networking, Low delay