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Design of Overheating Protection Circuit in Power Integrated Circuit

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.020


Yang Fuzheng

Corresponding Author

Yang Fuzheng


Because the power dissipation of power integrated circuits is relatively large and the calorific value is also large, the overheat protection circuit is very important for power integrated circuits. The development of power electronic technology is closely related to the development of power electronic devices. The appearance of new devices will promote the development of new devices. When the chip has an overcurrent condition, the temperature of the chip will rise rapidly, thus causing the chip to fail due to overcurrent. Overheat protection circuits in integrated circuits generally use the temperature characteristics of diodes and triodes as sensors. When the chip temperature exceeds the allowable value, the protection circuit will automatically cut off the power path, until the temperature drops to the safe working area, the circuit can start to work again. Power integrated circuit is different from general chips in that it not only integrates low-voltage digital or analog circuits, but also integrates high-voltage power output circuits in the same chip. How to transform the temperature signal into the voltage signal is the key to design the overheat protection circuit.


Power integrated circuit, Overheating protection, Temperature signal