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Research Progress of Cancer Immunotherapy

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.011


Yuchu Wang

Corresponding Author

Yuchu Wang


Clinical results show that tumor immunotherapy has shown exciting long-term efficacy in in various cancer patients. At present, it is believed that the tumor's immune surveillance is divided into three stages: the early elimination stage, followed by equilibrium stage, in which the selective variation of immune system can protect the tumor from attack, and the third stage is the immune escape stage of tumor cell variation. The concept of immunotherapy is to indirectly kill cancer cells by stimulating or enhancing the ability of the body's immune system to specifically recognize and kill cancer cells, which is a cancer therapy mode of “using force to fight”. Unfortunately, immunotherapy can only make a few cancer patients produce curative effect response. Therefore, the biggest problem faced by immunotherapy is not how to maintain long-term effect, but how to enable patients produce curative effect response at the beginning of treatment. This article will review the clinical progress of molecular therapy, cell therapy, immune checkpoint therapy and immune system regulator for cancer immunotherapy.


Cancer, Immunotherapy, Cell therapy, Immune checkpoint therapy, Molecular therapy, Immune system regulator