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Study on the Countermeasures of the Impact of Alien Invasive Organisms in Agriculture and Forestry on Biodiversity and Ecological Security

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.010


Jiani Liu, Zebin Chen, Yuyu Zhang, Yuan Su, Lei Yu

Corresponding Author

Jiani Liu


Invasion of alien species into new habitats may cause serious ecological disasters to the local area, lead to the loss of biodiversity, and then threaten the living environment of human beings, which has become one of the serious global environmental problems. This paper analyzes alien invasive species and their hazards, the way of invasion, and the impacts and causes on our country, and also introduces the influence and management of alien invasive species, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions on the impact of alien invasive species on biodiversity and ecological security.


Alien species, Biodiversity, Bio-safety, Countermeasure study