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Effect Analysis of Comprehensive Nursing Intervention in Nursing of Acute Jaundice Hepatitis

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DOI: 10.25236/icbsis.2020.007


Qingli Chi

Corresponding Author

Qingli Chi


objective: By analyzing the application effect of comprehensive nursing intervention in the nursing of acute jaundice hepatitis, to promote the improvement of the quality of clinical nursing, properly solve the nursing management problems, nursing service problems, promote the orderly progress of diagnosis and treatment, and then open a new situation of the sustainable development of modern medical and health undertakings. Methods: From February 2019 to February 2020, 100 patients admitted to our hospital for treatment of acute jaundice hepatitis were selected as the main observation subjects. After seeking the consent of the family members, the number of patients, basic data and actual condition of the patients in the control group and the experimental group were investigated in accordance with the scientific grouping principle. Through routine nursing intervention and comprehensive nursing intervention, the nursing effect, nursing service satisfaction and incidence of adverse reactions were compared between the two groups of patients with acute jaundice hepatitis. Results: The nursing intervention effect of the experimental group was better than that of the control group. The patients in the experimental group gave a higher evaluation of the nursing work, so the nursing service satisfaction was generally higher than the control group. The incidence of adverse reactions was 2.01% in the experimental group and 18.76% in the control group. Conclusion: The effective implementation of comprehensive nursing intervention, acute jaundice hepatitis patients more trust nurses, actively cooperate with the importance of nursing work is self-evident. Continuous strengthening of comprehensive nursing can promote the improvement of patients' quality of life and the decrease of the incidence of adverse reactions. The infiltration of high-quality nursing service concept is obvious, and it is also more conducive to the orderly advancement of diagnosis and treatment work. The clinical nursing effect is ideal, and it is just a matter of time before the hospital truly establishes a good social image.


Acute jaundice hepatitis, Comprehensive nursing intervention, Application effect, Analysis, Research