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The Path of Football Culture construction in Jiang Xi Independent College

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.50


Chen Huan, Zhu Rui, Guo Yifeng

Corresponding Author

Chen Huan


Football culture has the value of education, entertainment and construction. It is an important force in the construction of university culture and an organic component of the cultural connotation of colleges and universities. With the development of the National Football League, football is more and more popular among the teachers and students in Colleges and universities. Although the football is popular, the construction of the campus football culture did not keep pace with the development of the football activities.Here we take the Jiang Xi independent college as an example, analyzed the main problems of campus culture construction and put forward some suggestions of the dissemination of campus football culture, hoping to provide some reference for the development of campus football culture. To explore the connotation of college football culture from the cultural perspective, and on the basis of discussing the significance of the construction of campus football culture, this paper expounds the construction of the university football culture path from the value orientation, system norms and practice inside and outside the classroom once. So as to promote the development of campus football culture in a more scientific and more important direction, and it will be of guiding significance and reference value for the construction of campus football culture.


Football culture, Jiang xi, School.