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On the Application of Computer Network Information Technology in Educational Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.152


Xiaoying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Zhang


Information technology has developed rapidly and integrated into people's daily life. The traditional education method can not meet the needs of students. Therefore, we need to combine information technology with education, so that information technology can be applied in the field of education. The purpose of this paper is to complete the teaching of students with the help of information technology. Based on a comparative survey of 60 English Majors in Normal University, this paper selects two as the objects of investigation, which are computer network teaching class (n = 30) and traditional teaching class (n = 30). The computer network teaching class adopts the combination of network teaching and face-to-face teaching, while the traditional teaching class only adopts face-to-face teaching method. At the end of the experiment, the two classes' concentration and knowledge mastery were investigated and analyzed. The experimental results show that the concentration and knowledge mastery of computer network teaching class is above average, higher than that of traditional teaching class. We can see the importance of computer network information technology in education reform.


Computer Network, Information Technology, Education Reform, Teaching Research