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The Aesthetic Significance of the Digitalization of Movie and Television Sounds Based on Digital Media Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.150


Tao Zhan, Lu Yao

Corresponding Author

Tao Zhan


The content of digital media technology in movie and television sounds' production is gradually increasing. Related theories generally believe that digital media technology has not only changed the technology and methods of making movies and televisions, but also the concept of appreciating the art of movies and televisions. Besides, artists do not need to seek materials which are suitable for movie and television sounds from the real material world anymore while they can create musical effects as desired instead of being constrained by the equivalents of the sounds in art of movie and television from reality, better render the atmosphere, and create a kind of audiovisual feast of movies and televisions that make the audience feel empathetic. In conclusion, all of these indicate that digital media technology nourishes the current movies and televisions art in many aspects. Therefore, this study took the digitization of movie sounds as the research background and deeply analyzed the aesthetic value and movie and television functions of sounds digitization through relevant cases of movie sounds modeling.


Movie and television sounds, Digital media technology, Digitalization, Aesthetic significance