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Representation of Movie and Television Sound in Communication Activities Based on Network Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.149


Lu Yao, Tao Zhan

Corresponding Author

Lu Yao


There is no doubt that the birth of any work of art must be carefully conceived by the creator, and the design of movie and television sound is no exception. If the sound of a movie and television work is not carefully conceived in advance, it will lead to messy result, even produce ambiguity, and ultimately affect the quality of the work. As a common medium of communication, sound, after a long period of development, is more in line with everyone's aesthetic orientation due to its rigorous artistic organization and auditory expression. From the perspective of movie and television sound, this work first analyzed four representations of the sound in communication activities under the network media environment, then dug into the production skills of the movie and television sound according to the demand of the modern media environment, and finally integrated the sound elements into the sound spectrum, planned and used it rationally, so as to improve the expression effect of the movie and television art in an all-round way.


Movie and television sound, Communication, Network media, Representation