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The Impact of International Capital Flow on the Effectiveness of China's Monetary Policies

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.148


Kun Lin

Corresponding Author

Kun Lin


The liberalization of international capital flows already became one of the important features of world economic development while international capital flows turned into a vital content and the most powerful driving force of economic globalization. The scale and structure of international capital flows have a wide-ranging and far-reaching influence on the world economy and the economies of various countries. Therefore, analyzing the degree of capital flow in a country is very necessary for analyzing the effectiveness of monetary policies. Based on this, this work first explored the influence mechanism of international capital flows on the transmission channels of monetary policies, and finally summarized how international capital flows affected the effectiveness of China's monetary policies. The research results of this work have important practical significance for controlling China's financial risks and maintaining economic health, sustained and rapid growth.


International capital, Capital flow, Monetary policies, Effectiveness impact