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Internet plus Teaching Reform of Online Open Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.146


Sun Wenxia

Corresponding Author

Sun Wenxia


From the emergence of Internet technology to the development, our life has undergone earth shaking changes. Today, this change is still ongoing. All industries have started a storm of reform in the tide of Internet plus. The integration and application of Internet technology makes various industries burst out unprecedented vitality and vitality. In the education industry, the traditional education mode has been deeply rooted for a long time. The rapid development of society needs a large number of professionals. However, in the traditional classroom education mode, the number of talents trained is far less than that of social development. In order to break through the rigid teaching form of traditional education and improve its shortcomings of individuation training. This article introduces the Internet plus to innovate the teaching management mode of online open courses in higher vocational colleges. Under the integration and innovation of Internet plus, we should conduct online and offline mixed teaching mode, digitalized teaching resources, integrate high-quality teaching resources and jointly carry out teaching activities. To achieve the full use of resources, reduce investment costs, improve the efficiency of high-quality personnel training new teaching management mode.


Internet Technology, Education Mode, Personalized Training, Online and Offline Mixed Teaching