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Strategies for the Organic Integration of the Construction of Student Associations and Professional Practice in Applied Technology-Based Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.145


Ruibo Tian

Corresponding Author

Ruibo Tian


With the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy and industry, China’s higher education and teaching reform continues to deepen. In this process, the organic combination of student club activities and professional practice can not only play the educational function of student clubs, but also provide students with professional learning. Effective help. The purpose of this article is to use the methods and strategies of organic integration of college community construction and professional practice based on the continuous in-depth reform of the current applied technology colleges. This article organically integrates the application of technology-based college student community construction with professional practice, strengthens the cultivation of core literacy, professional culture construction, and achieves core construction goals such as practical education. After analyzing the main characteristics of the construction of college associations and professional practice and the relationship with related concepts, the emphasis is on the connection and difference between the concept of college student association construction and the professional practice of college students. The professional practice of college students is a process of community construction involving the main elements, activity elements, content elements and environmental elements. In this process, various elements interact and influence each other. The experimental research results indicate that the school should carry out overall planning and establish some student associations with key professional characteristics of technology application. It also allows students to broaden their horizons and learn scientific research methods in the process of practice and research, and accumulate practical experience to increase students' participation in the construction of professional courses.


Applied technology-based universities, community building, professional practice, innovative education methods