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Criminal Law Regulation on Driverless Car Traffic Accidents

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.135


Naijia Liu

Corresponding Author

Naijia Liu


In the context of the era of artificial intelligence, driverless cars are divided into driverless cars in the weak AI stage and driverless cars in the strong Artificial Intelligence phase. Driverless cars have many advantages over traditional cars, but they also bring criminal risks to public safety and citizens' personal rights, so under the premise of exerting the pre-legal role of civil law and administrative law, it is necessary for criminal law to intervene in time, build a prevention and punishment system that is suitable for the speciality of driverless cars, control the behavior that causes major traffic accidents, and balance the relationship between social public safety and intelligent and high scientific and technological progress.


Driverless, Traffic accident, Criminal law