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An Analysis of the Cdio Practice Teaching System of e-Commerce Online Retail in Undergraduate Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.130


Cheng Weiwei

Corresponding Author

Cheng Weiwei


The CDIO teaching model has relatively mature teaching concepts and methods of cultivating talents. In this teaching model, it is proposed that talents should be operably and targeted, and corresponding evaluation standards have been formulated for the training of talents. And implementation plan. Compared with the traditional teaching mode, it is more open and systematic, and can be continuously integrated into the corresponding teaching content under the framework of this teaching mode. From the perspective of CDIO, this article explores the practical teaching system of e-commerce online retail in undergraduate colleges, and establishes a practical teaching system that can improve the various capabilities of e-commerce online retail talents as much as possible.


Undergraduate colleges, E-commerce online retail, Cdio, Practical teaching system