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The Development Path of College English Teaching Reform from the Perspective of Eap Teaching Based on General Education Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.127


Lu Li

Corresponding Author

Lu Li


EAP teaching mode refers to English for academic purposes, which is the internal demand of the international development of higher education in China. Applying it to the college English curriculum reform can meet the development and specific needs of learners and construct an efficient classroom. General education concept refers to a kind of non-utilitarian, non-professional education of basic knowledge, skills and attitudes, aiming to cultivate social talents with all-round development. Based on general education concept, EAP teaching mode is integrated into college English teaching reform, aiming to cultivate English professionals with all-round development. We should accelerate the reform process, improve teaching efficiency and build a brand-new college English teaching system.


General education concept, Eap teaching, College English