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A Process Analysis of the Evolution of Psychic Power Thought and the Sinicization of Buddhism

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.118


Yali Wu

Corresponding Author

Yali Wu


Psychic powers refer to the ability to make one's mind go as one wishes, while observing others' mind without being affected. Without psychic powers, there will be no flexible way to teach people in accordance of their aptitudes to make them realize the true meaning of Buddhism. Without a flexible way to teach people, Buddhism can't protect living beings of six paths and make them happy to practice Dharma. In a word, it means that all kinds of extraordinary abilities which are not dominated by natural law, social law and thinking law. They are not only the external manifestations and necessary conditions for obtaining liberation, but also the important means of propagating the Buddhism and spreading Dharma, and the product of the combination of “meditation” and “wisdom”. In Chinese Buddhism, it not only adapts to the Confucian system of “not talking about weirdness, bravery, rebellion, ghosts and gods”, but also inherits the basic content of psychic powers.


Psychic power, Wisdom, Buddhism, Sinicization