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The Job Crafting of Employees in the Context of Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.117


Jiawei Xu, Guiqing Li

Corresponding Author

Guiqing Li


The high efficiency computing ability and fast learning ability of artificial intelligence bring far-reaching influence to all walks of life. The utilization of artificial intelligence, change the employee's work in the workplace, employees must adapt to the work of artificial intelligence in the work scene, the relationship between processing and artificial intelligence, learn how to cooperate with artificial intelligence work, therefore must redefine the meaning of the work, when finish the work according to its working tasks and the change of the working relationship, to make a cognitive and operational adjustment, give full play to the staff's own subjective initiative to accomplish a specific task, promote job satisfaction and job performance, the realization of artificial intelligence under the background of employees work to restore, has important theoretical and practical significance.


Artificial intelligence, Job crafting, Work design, Job characteristics