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On the Construction of Practice Teaching Base for Accounting Major

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.114


Yuanchun Tao

Corresponding Author

Yuanchun Tao


There are different requirements on the practice and innovation ability of accounting students in different times, and the research level of each field is also different. Adopting interview and questionnaire methods, the research explores the cultivation of practical and innovative talents for accounting major in Qinghai Nationalities University in the internet era, and analyzes the main problems. Combined with the training model of practice ability at home and abroad and the experience of cultivating practical and innovative talents major in accounting, this paper explores the construction of practice teaching base, and puts forward the countermeasures for the construction of practice base from the aspects of institutionalization, engine, long-term, feedback function, specification and dual qualification.


Accounting major, Accounting major, Practice teaching base