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The Cultivation of Innovative Ability of College Students by Fine Teaching Method in the Internet Age

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.113


Ruojuan Qiu

Corresponding Author

Ruojuan Qiu


In view of the contradiction between the effect of university education on cultivating college students’ innovative ability and the requirement of society for innovative talents, the cultivation of college students’ innovation ability in the internet age is studied. On the basis of analyzing the present situation of college students’ innovation ability, the concept of fine teaching method is introduced and it’s developed that the college students’ innovative ability training mode based on the fine teaching method during the internet age by analyzing the concept, the characteristics and the action mechanism. At last, the according advice and measures are given on how to put the new mode into effect in colleges and universities.


Internet age, Fine teaching method, College students’ innovative ability, Innovative talents