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Experience from Babson's Pedagogy in Entrepreneurship Education for College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.110


Yunfeng Liu, Pinghua Wei, Rongrong Ge, Xingang Shen, Zhaozhi Qiu, Jun Wu

Corresponding Author

Jun Wu


Babson College is a model for global entrepreneurship education. In the new era of how to achieve entrepreneurship education for college students, the construction of entrepreneurship education ecosystem with Chinese characteristics is an important issue in the reform of higher education. This paper takes Babson's pedagogy as an example to summarize the experience and characteristics of its entrepreneurship education from the educational philosophy, curriculum system, teaching methods, entrepreneurial activities, teachers and other dimensions, reflecting on the problems of China's innovation and entrepreneurship education, and get some inspiration from it.


Babson's pedagogy, Entrepreneurship education, Educational philosophy