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Research on Practice Teaching of Ceramic Art Course of Arts and Crafts Major in Colleges and Universities Based on Teaching Reform Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.109


Yuan Liu

Corresponding Author

Yuan Liu


Ceramic art course is a considerable part of art teaching. It is of great significance to establish relevant practical activities for improving students' creativity and professional skills. In recent years, education field has been in the process of reform and innovation, which is committed to focusing on infiltrating quality education and promoting the overall development of students. The reform and innovation ideas in education field should be infiltrated into the teaching of arts and crafts major in colleges and universities to construct a brand-new and efficient ceramic art course. This brand-new course focus on reflecting predominant positions of students in the classroom, promoting their divergent thinking, cultivating their innovative thinking and creativity, improving their ceramic art level, and laying a solid foundation for the development of arts and crafts major.


Teaching reform, Arts and crafts, Ceramic art course