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Research on the Reform of Medical Signal Processing Course to Promote the Integration of Medical and Engineering Knowledge

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.108


Liu Yuhong, Chen Tao

Corresponding Author

Liu Yuhong


Biomedical signal processing is an important course for biomedical engineering combining the basic principles of signal processing with biomedical applications, which provides the possibility to build a bridge between signal processing courses and biomedical courses. The combination of traditional science and technology and modern biomedical signal through course reform is of great practical significance for stimulating students' interest in learning and cultivating high-quality interdisciplinary talents in biomedical engineering. Based on an analysis of the current situation of Biomedical Engineering Teaching in China, this paper analyzes its main problems, and puts forward some suggestions for the teaching reform of biomedical signal processing, which can promote the integration of medical and engineering knowledge.


Biomedical signal processing, Biomedical engineering, Teaching method