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Innovation Entrepreneurship and Economic Paradigm Shift under Sharing Economy

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.106


Jing Liu, Shan Jiang, Jinbo Li

Corresponding Author

Shan Jiang


With the continuous development of information technology, sharing economy was born, which has a great impact on innovation entrepreneurship. Sharing economy pays attention to the integration of decentralized resources and the ingenious application of the Internet, which leads to new ideas for the development of social economy. This paper mainly analyzes the sharing economy under the Internet revolution and the impact of sharing economy on innovation entrepreneurship, discusses the profound changes under the Internet economy paradigm, and puts forward the operation rules of industry, economy and society under the Internet economy paradigm in order to provide some reference for the development of innovation entrepreneurship. This research shows that sharing economy has changed the traditional way of economic organization, reduced the cost of production, guided more enterprises and institutions to participate in the sharing economy, and utilized this economic situation to integrate social resources and promote the development of innovation entrepreneurship. Also, the economic paradigm has changed and innovated in many aspects, such as economic situation, industrial structure, social operation, etc., forming a new economic situation and improving people's production and life.


The internet revolution, Innovation entrepreneurship, Economic paradigm