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Analysis of the Application of Task-Based Teaching Method in College Oral English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.103


Ruichen Li, Jing Dong

Corresponding Author

Ruichen Li


With the continuous development of society, the importance of this course of English has gradually emerged. It has become a competitive advantage for college students in employment after graduation, and it is also a reflection of the comprehensive quality of students. Therefore, the importance of oral teaching in English teaching in colleges and universities is self-evident. In order to improve the quality of teaching, teachers began to constantly innovate teaching methods, of which the task-based teaching method was favored by the majority of English teachers. This article analyzes the concept and characteristics of the task-based teaching method, expounds the current status of college oral English teaching, and proposes the strategy of incorporating task teaching methods into college oral English teaching.


Task-based teaching method, College English, Oral teaching, Characteristics