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Differences in the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Compensation of Ceos in Family Business

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.097


Kai Chen, Minghua Fu

Corresponding Author

Kai Chen


Based on social emotional wealth theory and management power theory, this paper takes 2010-2017 A-share listed family companies as a research sample, and analyzes the relationship between corporate social responsibility and family company CEO compensation, and on this basis, adjusts family ownership Empirical research. The study found that:(1)Corporate social responsibility is significantly negatively correlated with the compensation of the family CEO and positively correlated with the compensation of the non-family CEO. (2)With the concentration of family ownership, the salaries of non-family CEOs and family CEOs have also increased. Therefore, family companies need to consider the role of the CEO in the family when designing executive compensation, and give full play to the advantages of corporate social responsibility and compensation incentives in the governance of family companies.


Corporate social responsibility, Family CEO compensation, Non-family CEO compensation, Family ownership