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A Qualitative Research on the Status Quo of Normal School Students' Learning for the Second Degree

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.093


Zhou Dongmei, Li Yelin

Corresponding Author

Zhou Dongmei


Normal students choose the second degree to study is an effective way to improve their knowledge structure and improve their own abilities. The quality of teaching management for the second degree has become an important factor restricting the learning effect of college students. The survey shows that there are two motivations for choosing a second degree major: intrinsic motivation is to satisfy personal interests, and extrinsic motivation is to enhance the competitiveness of employment or postgraduate entrance examinations. However, the second degree has many problems in enrollment publicity, teaching schedule, teaching management, and academic assessment. Based on the survey, it is recommended to integrate the advantages of local universities and open more second-degree majors; standardize the second-degree teaching management to meet the individual needs of students.


Second degree, Normal students, Teaching management