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Landscape and Related Professional Implanted Immovable Cultural Relics Protection Planning Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.092


Zhang Yi, Qiu Jian

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yi


Traditional immovable cultural relics protection planning is centered on the heritage of cultural relics and is completed by archaeological background designers. It faces confusion in the new social environment. In this study, from the perspective of landscape planning and design, a set of planning process models are established for the protection of cultural relics. The model is divided into four stages: basic data collation, object evaluation, completion plan and post-implementation evaluation. The team that undertakes the design task is jointly led by archaeological researchers and landscape planners. During this period, various special planners use professional techniques to participate in the solution according to the corresponding problems. Compared with the traditional model, the model has a low degree of process closure and a high degree of freedom for the integration of various professional and technical personnel; landscape planners have always led the advancement with archaeological researchers; the establishment of the scope of protection of cultural relics is based on the regional environment. The evaluation of the project is completed; adding post-implementation evaluation links is conducive to the sustainability of cultural relics protection and utilization.


Immovable cultural relics, Landscape planning, Methodology, Process model