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Discussion on Piano Teaching Methods of College Music Education Major

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.085


Luo Ling

Corresponding Author

Luo Ling


As China's social and economic development is getting faster and faster, the demand for high-quality, high-level and highly-skilled music education talents is also increasing, and it is required to assume educational music talents in the process of social development Important responsibility, so it is necessary to strengthen the degree of emphasis on education and teaching of university music education. The piano course is one of the most important courses in the music education major of the university, and it is also an important means for the music education major to cultivate students' professional skills and abilities. But so far, there are many problems in piano teaching in the music education major of universities. These problems make it difficult to improve the quality of piano teaching, which has an adverse effect on the cultivation of music education talents. Therefore, through in-depth discussion and research on piano teaching in college music education, this paper proposes practical teaching methods that can effectively improve the quality of college music education and cultivate more highly qualified music education professionals.


University, Music education major, Piano teaching