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Research on Marketing Strategy of Non-Profit Organization under New Era Background - Taking Rcsc as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.079


Shiyao Li

Corresponding Author

Shiyao Li


Non-profit organization is an important organizational module in the economic and social development. It carries out service-oriented operation with public welfare as the mission and social function supplement as its purpose. The development of economy and society and the maturity of marketization also put forward a new topic for non-profit organizations. Marketing has become an important means to gain development power. The importance of non-profit organization marketing is analyzed in this paper from the aspects of resource acquisition and core competitiveness, the problems existing in the current marketing of non-profit organizations are sorted out, and some countermeasures such as changing marketing concepts are put forward, which will provide some reference for the benign development of non-profit organizations.


Marketing, Non-profit organization (npo), Red cross society of china (rcsc)