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Study on the Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Teachers' Belief Change in the New Period

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.076


Yingcong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yingcong Zhang


based on senior teachers in the new period and the experience of teachers' beliefs in the working process of the change analysis, this article mainly through to the different parts of the middle school English teacher as the research object, through to the English teachers in the teaching process through reviewing the career identity, teachers' self-efficacy, reflect on intelligence and other internal factors and teachers' job performance, job title, external factors are studied. In the teaching process, teachers can change their beliefs through the factors such as position, work performance and reflective intelligence. This paper mainly studies the changes of teachers' beliefs in the form of questionnaires. Through the survey data, we can find the relationship between teachers' beliefs and career identity, teachers' self-efficacy, reflective intelligence and other factors.


Teacher education, Teacher belief, Effectiveness evaluation