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Analysis on Reasons of Different Socialist Thoughts of Qichao Liang and Yat-Sen Sun

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.074


Man Zhang

Corresponding Author

Man Zhang


Both Qichao Liang and Yat-sen Sun met with the socialist theory after their domestic political activities suffered setbacks. However, there were obvious differences in their socialist thoughts because they had many differences in the process of accepting the socialist theory. At the beginning of cognition, Qichao Liang saw difficulties in the implementation of socialist theory, while Yat-sen Sun saw the hope of implementation. When cognition was promoted, Liang focused on understanding what socialism was in the original context, while Sun focused on exploring what socialism should be in China. When judging from the reality, Liang believed that socialism could not solve problems in China, while Sun believed that implementing socialism could avoid the deterioration of China's practical problems.


Qichao liang, Yat-sen sun, Socialistic theory, Reasons