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The Migration and Integration of Miao Nationality in Hanzhong Area Recorded in Local Chronicles of Qing Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.073


Chen Xu

Corresponding Author

Chen Xu


Hanzhong area of Shaanxi Province has superior geographical conditions. Many nationalities have lived there since ancient times. Based on the interpretation of Miao people's history and culture in local chronicles of Hanzhong in Qing Dynasty, this paper holds that in Qing Dynasty, Miao people mainly distributed in Zhenba, Xixiang and Foping of Hanzhong area; they were Huamiao (a branch of Miao nationality) migrated from Guizhou. The Miao people lived with local Han people harmoniously, and still retained their own language, clothing, religious belief, marriage and other cultural customs. Later, under the influence of natural and human factors, Miao nationality in Xixiang and Foping gradually merged with the local Han people. However, Miao people in Zhenba County still retained their own characteristics, and thus developed into the largest Miao community in Northwest China. It reveals that the change of geographical environment has dual impacts on the migration and integration of a nation.


Local chronicles of hanzhong area in qing dynasty, Miao nationality, Migration and integration