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On the Optimization of Ethnic Minority Residents' Recognition of Tourism Empowerment—An Empirical Study on Maliuxi Village

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.070


Juan Huang

Corresponding Author

Juan Huang


An empirical study was conducted in this paper to analyze the tourism empowerment recognition of ethnic minority residents via the data collected from questionnaire investigation in Maliuxi Village. The results show that: (1)The local minority residents are satisfied with the living environment and have a high sense of cultural value identity of traditional ethnic groups. (2)In the development of local tourism, it is not enough to merely consider the interests of villagers without mutual understanding and communication, because residents have no access to decision making. (3) The participation degree of local minority residents in tourism is higher than that of the satisfaction towards tourism development. The findings above show that although the development of tourism has not met the expectation of residents, they still devote themselves actively into the business. Consequently, suggestions on the promotion of ethnic minority residents’ empowerment recognition were proposed.


Resident, Tourism empowerment, Recognition, Maliuxi village