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A Study on the Cultivation and Teaching Application of Dialogue Class in Applied Colleges and Universities under the Background of New Liberal Arts--Take the Course of Practice of Civil Procedure Law as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.065


Wang Hongbo

Corresponding Author

Wang Hongbo


In order to implement the goal of new liberal arts construction and improve the talent training ability of applied colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the cultivation and teaching application research of dialogue class, and explores the role of dialogue class teaching in improving teaching quality and adapting to the development of teaching reform in the new era. Based on the teaching of Practice of Civil Procedure Law, this paper analyzes the problems existing in “non dialogue” class teaching, expounds the countermeasures of dialogue class in applied colleges and universities under the background of new liberal arts, and puts forward its cultivation path.


New liberal arts, Applied colleges and universities, Dialogue class, Cultivation