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Research on the Development Theory of Urban-Rural Integration in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.064


Song Liting

Corresponding Author

Song Liting


In the current period, with the continuous development and progress of our country, the urban-rural integration development is also gradually maturing. The industrial integration, population integration and land integration form a standardized urban-rural integration development mode, which fully reflect the whole process from population migration to employment identity and finally to the sense of belonging of rural and urban areas. It is not only the flow of population, but also the full integration of natural environment and human environment between urban and rural areas. It achieves the integration of people, industry and land, which is also the ultimate goal of urban-rural integration in China. Based on the basic situation of urban-rural integration in China, this paper makes an in-depth study of the theory of urban-rural integration development, and puts forward effective ideas combined with the actual situation.


Urban-rural integration, Development theory, Analysis