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Study of Human Rights Guarantee in International Law--Taking One Case as the Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.059


Qin Siquan

Corresponding Author

Qin Siquan


With the changes and development of history and times, human rights have been regarded as the ‘universal expression of rights’ by the international community, which makes the modern international legal community be more interested in the old international interests. Some international human rights scholars and experts believe that the issue of human rights protection has developed into one law-based society problem across borders. The protection of international human rights has not yet crossed national boundaries. Human rights that are truly respected and protected have not only reached consensus in today's modern international society under the rule of law, but have gradually become the basic laws and principles observed and recognized by people and sovereignty of all countries,furthermore,gradually into the other fields of domestic law of modern international law-based society fields, which also gave rise to the modern international community to protect human rights.


Human rights, International law, Guarantee