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Study on the Professional Values of Nurses in a Tertiary Hospital of Qiqihar

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.056


Huiyan Wu

Corresponding Author

Huiyan Wu


Using a self-made general information questionnaire, a revised hospital violence experience and cognition questionnaire, and a revised nurse professional value scale (NPVS-R), 608 nurses in a third-class hospital in Qiqihar were surveyed and analyzed. Investigate the status quo of hospital violence and nurses' professional values and explore the influencing factors of nurses' professional values. Among the 608 nurses, 45.72% (278 people) had experienced hospital violence; when faced with hospital violence, the main measures nurses took were to seek help from security guards, colleagues and leaders. A small number of nurses even committed suicide. Thoughts. Nearly half of nurses have experienced hospital violence at work, and violent incidents will have a negative impact on nurses’ physical and mental health and professional values. It is recommended that hospitals increase nurses’ participation in anti-violence training and cultivate the ability of nurses to correctly respond to violent incidents. Promote the formation of correct professional values and provide high-quality care.


Nurse, Hospital violence, Professional values, Current situation, Influencing factors