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The Design and Practice of Flight Attendant Etiquette Course Based on Post Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.055


Meiqi Wu

Corresponding Author

Meiqi Wu


As a higher vocational flight attendant major that delivers skilled and practical talents to the civil aviation industry, it is necessary to reform the knowledge-based curriculum teaching of traditional disciplines, closely integrate the teaching content with the industry, and make the training of talents closer to the needs of professional positions. The author takes the flight attendant etiquette courses in higher vocational colleges as an example, analyzes the training objectives of the flight attendant major and the requirements of the enterprise for the professional talents, and combines teaching practice to explain the professional implementation of the post-demand-oriented flight attendant etiquette course teaching reform Explore and experience.


Post demand, Flight attendant, Etiquette course