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Analysis on the Application of Innovation and Project Introduction in Model Design and Manufacture Course of Environmental Art Design Major

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.050


Xiaoyi Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyi Liu


Model design and manufacture is the last link in the investigation of students' comprehensive ability in the whole undergraduate teaching of environmental art major. This course is to study the relationship of environment through the model of three-dimensional space. In the model design course, we try to introduce entity project constantly. On this basis, we put forward the teaching mode of project with innovation as the core, and conduct the design process into visualization and form research management of interactive teaching. From the existing teaching level, we analyze the current situation of model design and manufacture course of environmental art major, and then use project development model design, pay attention to the process of continuous research and in-depth, aiming to improve the lack of innovation process exploration in teaching, so that enhance the consciousness of innovation driving in teaching, and cultivate more applicable and practical environmental art talents for the market demand.


Environmental art major, Model design and manufacture, Innovation, Application research