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An Analysis of Marxist Belief Education in Contemporary Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.044


Tao Dong

Corresponding Author

Tao Dong


Faith is the deep structure of human spiritual world, which embodies the inner basis of human being. Marxism, as a holistic science, inevitably requires its belief education innovation to be a systematic and integral project. It makes Marxist belief build its dominant position while criticizing various social thoughts. People's consciousness is a reflection of the ever-changing real world based on practice, and the generation and changes of people's beliefs originate from the development of the times and the transformation of social structure. It is our sacred duty and glorious task to unite the strength of the whole nation with Marxist belief, and to work together for the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics at the present stage and the realization of communism in the future. Only by clarifying the basic content and practical requirements of Marxist belief education can we find the right direction and basis for the practical education path of Marxist belief education.


Belief, Marxism, Practical education