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Research on the Survival Dilemma and Development Mechanism of Folk Customs in Northern Shaanxi

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.041


Xiaoyan Zang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Zang


The folk customs of northern Shaanxi are simple, diverse, profound, rich in national characteristics and full of cultural heritage. The process of industrialization and urbanization has shaken the foundation of traditional culture. The folk art of northern Shaanxi gradually loses its original living environment and its own integrity. The national spiritual culture is lacking, the concept of folk custom is declining, and folk beliefs are facing severe challenges. The current folk art of northern Shaanxi in the dilemma, the inheritance, development and dissemination of folk culture under the background of market economy has become a key issue that needs to be solved urgently.


Folklore in northern Shaanxi, Living space, Inheritance, Development