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Research of College Chinese Teaching and Humane Quality Cultivation of College Students

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.034


Guanyu Li, and Zheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Guanyu Li


This article is based on the concept of modern pedagogy, as well as the summary of practical College Chinese course teaching experience .With the call of the modern society for humanistic quality, and corresponding reflections on the current situation and problems of Chinese language teaching in colleges and universities, with the specific requirements of society for human quality .To make a certain analysis, combined the two, the author conducted research on College Chinese teaching practice and other related disciplines, with analyzing how to cultivate the humanistic quality of contemporary college students from multiple aspects such as students, teachers, teaching and teaching materials, so as to further promotes the growth of college students in society and promotes the prosperity of society. In the specific analysis, this article pays attention to not just talking about principles and laws, combining texts and teaching methods in teaching, but also give examples and proofs. Dialectically analyzing various new methods used in teaching, not only focusing on absorbing its strengths, but also striving to maintain the characteristics of the College Chinese discipline itself and avoid losing its own characteristics.


College students, Humane quality cultivation, Chinese teaching