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A Review of Studies on Female Public Space

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.031


Mei Junyan, Jiang Ye, and Zheng Yingpeng

Corresponding Author

Mei Junyan


With the emergence of the problem of spatial alienation of modern people caused by industrialization and urbanization after World War II, people began to re-examine the spatial problem. The discussion of space has gradually become the mainstream consciousness in western countries. People's way of thinking has changed from timeliness to spatiality. Under this background, the concept of “public space (domain)” has gradually entered the public field of vision. Public space (domain) is not only a “container” carrying people's daily life with the physical characteristics of material space, but also, to some extent, a manifestation platform of social significance with complex political, economic and cultural backgrounds. As there are many problems in public space (domain), such as gender blind spots, equal and open access, fairness and justice, feminists have made critical reflections on it. This paper attempts to construct the theoretical framework of female public space (domain) and open up a path for the research of spatial justice theory, thus realizing the possibility of improving the unjust structure of public space (domain).


Space turn, Public space (domain), Women's public space (domain), Critical reflection