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A Study on Enhancing the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Capabilities of Chemical Engineering Students on the Platform of Student Associations

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DOI: 10.25236/iceesr.2020.029


Zhengrong Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhengrong Wang


Associations are important platform to enrich students’ study and life and promote their comprehensive growth. For enhancing the innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities of chemical engineering students, associations are also playing many roles, e.g., enriching innovation and entrepreneurship cultures on campuses, building up innovation and entrepreneurship platforms for students, and improving students’ comprehensive quality in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship. Starting from the functions and significance of associations in cultivating the innovation and entrepreneurship abilities of chemical engineering students, this study briefly analyzes the problems existing in the formation of chemical associations and proposes some countermeasures for reference.


Association, Chemical engineering, Innovation and entrepreneurship